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Wallpaper App recommendations

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Hi everyone, i wanted to share some of my personal wallpaper app recommendations. 

I'm sure you guys have your own set of apps that you like to use. These are my personally preferred apps. 

Hope this will help someone in the future.

1. Zedge 


Zedge is a classic app that has been around for many years. It has some really good punchy wallpapers both high and low resolution. Ideal for anyone to use. It has multiple categories and is updated very often.

2. Wallcraft


This app has gone by a few names now. The screenshot shows its current name, but i prefer to call it Wallcraft its original name. This is my personal favorite in this list and has a number of great options.

It also has doible wallpapers, where one is used for the lockscreen and a similar one is used for the homescreen
This is an example 

3. Google wallpapers 


Its not the most feature rich app, it has many beautiful wallpapers and is useful to add livewallpapers especially if a native app isn't available 

4. Abstruct


As the name implies, this app is filled with beautiful, high quality abstract wallpapers for all those who are tired of having regular images as their wallpapers. There a number of categories and each one has more beautiful, bold and vibrant options than the last

5. Super Wallpapers 


This is my personal wallpaper at the moment and it cannot be installed through the playstore.

If anyone is interested, all the links are in the description of that video or please dm me for the link.

I hope you enjoyed this post, its just a compilation of some of the wallpaper apps i personally use.

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