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Trade in with Cartlow

(Topic created on: 03-08-2023 08:13 AM)
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I am looking for an advice.

I have been facing problem since I opted for Trade-In with Samsung's partner (Cartlow). I pre-ordered S23 ultra and opted to trade in my s22 Ultra 5G. The phone is in an excellent condition and was handed over to their delivery partner with its OEM box and all its accessories in it.

Cartlow has offered me a ridiculous price for which I have declined and have requested to return my phone since 27th February 2023. I have been not getting any proper assistance from your end. Every time I get different answers; either I will be informed that your team member has raised the issue to the higher management or another team member informs me that shipping has been booked. I am quite concerenced. This issue has been on-gojng since the day i have rejected the offer (27th Feb 2023). I understand that it takes a sometime to arrange the return but stalling for so long, i do not understand. This is unacceptable. I am worried that they might have either sold or done something with my phone. 

I have sent Cartlow an Email but no response yet.

Has anybody faced this issue?