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Thank You Samsung | #GalaxyLifeUninterrupted

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I have used Galaxy Note 8 and Gear S3 in past and what I'd like to conclude is that seamless experience was amazing. My brother bought Note 8 even after the collapse of 7th model of Note series. Gear S3 was a gift but when they got bonded together, My God! I can't tell you how beautiful it was. 

This can be expected from a premium product but let us come down to mid range series. 

Presently I am using, my own, Samsung Galaxy A50. It might not have the beast under the hood but the seamless experience that Samsung services are capable of are mind blowing. I won't say much about Samsung Eco-System because that is really appreciable. In mid-range market, where users rely more on User Experience, Samsung has nailed it. With the launch of OneUI, everything seems to be more premium. Even a budget device feels like a beast in hand
Cross-syncing is amazing.
Accessing any file is amazing.
Samsung's collaboration with Collin's dictionary is amazing. ;)
And how can one forget Samsung's Internet browser and Samsung Pay (mini).
When it comes to user experience, Samsung is really far ahead from most of its competitors. 
At last, I'd like to thank Samsung for providing us the best products and services. 
Thank you Samsung. ✌️


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