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Smart monitor M8 or Galaxy book 2 Pro or Tab S8 Plus

(Topic created on: 12-01-2022 11:59 AM)
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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing great today. Let me get straight into the matter

I have been using Surface Laptop 2 as my daily driver for the last 4 years and recently its mic stopped working. That means I’m not able to attend any of my work calls using my laptop. Since it is out of warranty and it's unrepairable; I’m stuck with limited options

Option 1 - Exchange the laptop & move to Galaxy book 2 pro. For that, I would like to get a reasonably good exchange value for my laptop. I bought it for 1. 20 lakhs; matt black 256 GB version. Any recommendation or suggestion for getting a good offer for the device

Option 2- Get the Samsung Smart monitor M8 and use it as the main display. it comes with a mic and a dedicated plug-play camera.But I have seen lot of negatives like poor camera quality and mic which make me step away from it.

Option 3- Get Samsung Galaxy tab s8 plus (why plus? I’m a sucker for AMOLED screens). As of now, I’m attending calls on my A53; when clients share their screens It’s very difficult to catch up with them because of limited screen real-estate

Any suggestions from our valuable members are highly appreciated 🙏 

Please read the entire post before you jump your guns with suggestions

Let's keep the M8 out of here. Its not a very good value, and yes, the camera is not that good on it, not too sure about the mic.

So, we are left with the Galaxy Book 2 Pro and the Tab S8 Plus. Now you have to consider.

Do you need a Windows machine with a working mic, or you can live with a Windows machine without working mics and a Tab?

1. If you exchange your Surface for the Book 2 Pro (or any other laptop for that matter), you will have a perfectly fine Windows laptop, but you will not have a Tab.

2. You cannot exchange your laptop for a Tab. So, you can get the Tab S8 Plus and get your work meetings done on that. That way, you have both a Windows laptop and a Tab. You can do your work which does not require a mic on your laptop and you can attend meetings on your Tab.

If you have only a laptop, it may be fine for you, but having an extra big screen is a huge plus for many people, you may consider that. I believe option 2 will be a better value for you.

Finally, this might sound a bit stupid (on me), but have you tried reinstalling drivers? And have you tried using an earphone? That could save you a lot of money, if possible.
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Thanks a lot for your detailed respond.

I have tried everything from software side like updating driver and all but ended up in wane.

Let me buy a headphone with mic and will later think about 5 and 6 digit purchase 🫣
Sure :) do let me know if you need any other suggestions or help! It will be a pleasure helping.