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Hi all,


I bought 50" The Frame TV 2020 and Q800T Soundbar this month since they both support eARC mode and Dolby Atmos.


Less than a week after, I started noticing serious audio-video sync issues with eARC mode set to Auto (ON).


My setup is as follows:

TataSky HD+ to HDMI 1 of TV

CP Plus CCTVs to HDMI 2 of TV

Q800T Soundbar to HDMI 3 (eARC) of TV


The delays range from milliseconds to sometimes over 10 seconds!


Usually when I turn the TV on it is fine, but after about an hour or sudden switching of sources, the audio starts to lag.

Once the lag starts, it's not just for TataSky, but also for internal TV apps - Youtube, Netflix, all.


I've seen turning the eARC mode off brings relief to it, but it wastes the whole purpose of getting Atmos soundbar.


On the other note, I also hear intermittent popping sounds like a gun shots every now and then from soundbar when in eARC mode.


Yesterday, engineer from service center came over, but he had no idea about the issues and asked me to record a video of the same when it occurs as proof.


It's been less than 10 days, and I'm really not happy with these purchases.


Does anyone else with similar setup face this?

Any fix to this?


Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.




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I need to check EARC setting on, but this tv does the atmos pass through, probably that means atmos processing should be done by the sound bar.. Why not connect atmos content directly to soundbar hdmi (not tv,) let tv connect through EARC.. Tv will operate as Only display, Amos will be processed by eigher sound bar or device behind..
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Hi Amol - I own Frame TV 55 2019 model and 4 months back i bought Q800T soundbar. 2019 Frame has HDMI ARC port (unfortunately not eARC) but initially when i used the same HDMI cable came with the soundbar, i didnt get ATMOS logo on playing Netflix atmos content. Then i bought high qualith HDMI 2.1 eARC cable 48 gbps (around Rs. 3500) and put it on eARC port of Soundbar to ARC port to TV. Also i changed the hDMI cable of my Airtel digital TV to a high speed latest 2.0 HDMI cable and i dont see any lag in sound anywhere. Try using latest high speed HDMI cable and see if makes any difference. Off track - Since you have eARC on your TV which support Atmos, are you getting Atmos sound on playing Atmos content? how do you know you are getting Atmos sound? thanks