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Samsung unveiled the Onyx LED cinema screen back in July 2017 at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in South Korea. Two years on, the revolutionary cinema screens have now made their debut in 16 countries across the world. The Onyx LED cinema screens bring 4K image quality, HDR capabilities, highest brightness, and more contrast to the big screen, offering an immersive viewing experience to the audience.
 China has the most theaters with Onyx LED screens
Following installations in its home country, Samsung brought the Onyx LED cinema screens to several overseas markets over the years. Thailand was the first overseas market to get this next-gen solution. The Onyx screens have since made their debut in India, China, Malaysia, the US, as well as several European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain. In December last year, Samsung installed the world’s largest Onyx LED cinema screen in China. Some of the cinemas in South Korea, the US, China, Germany and India have 3D Onyx LED screens. As of now, Onyx screens are installed at 32 different theaters in 16 countries across the world. China has the most Onyx screen theaters with seven, followed by India with five. South Korea and Malaysia have three each. A Samsung official said that the company is looking to introduce the Onyx LED cinema screens to more theaters around the world in the coming months. Samsung is expected to unveil new technologies for the Onyx LED solution at CinemaCon 2019. The company may also strike a few partnerships during the event. The world’s biggest film industry fair takes place in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas next week.
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