Samsung take a good step to launched "Care for Clean India" to prevent from huge amount of E-Waste this scheme can resist from those E-waste first we should know about this program  It is our endeavour at Samsung Electronics to build a greener ecosystem through our eco-friendly products, solutions and technologies that benefit customers, respect our planet and deliver a better tomorrow for the coming generations.

In continuation of this effort for a clean and green tomorrow, we have introduced Samsung Care for Clean India program to spread awareness for responsible disposal of e-waste and plastic waste.

If you ask what shall we do to spread this program to others first we should encourage other peoples to participate in this scheme and also others people should acknowledged about this scheme so that each and every person should be aware of that and in future there should be less number of cases of E-waste and makes India proud😊.

      Why we should do recycle

Conserves Resources

Creation of new products requires raw resources. By recycling old products we not only reduce the extraction of fresh raw resources, but also conserve the environment.

Saves Energy

Recycling a product requires lesser energy than producing a new one from the scratch. Skipping the usual process of extraction of raw material, its transportation, refining, etc. saves energy.

Prevents Pollution

By recycling responsibly, we cut down air, water and land pollution, thus contributing towards a clean and green environment.