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Samsung Vs other phones.

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Samsung Vs other smartphone users:

Now a days Samsung is far behind comparing to their competitors. The only advantage of Samsung is their display quality. Recently they inroduce dot technology in smartphones. May be we can see such Samsung bsmartphines on the upcoming year. 

What are the advantages of Samsung??

1. Their display it's super b. 
2. Support memory card slot
3. Twonswperatebslim slots
4. Good battery mah (only on paper)

Now the disadvantages:

1. No proper updates for their smartphones.
2. Even low pixel camera phones are far behind than Samsung cameras. (Look pixel 4a)
3. No after sale support.
4. Too much advertisement; it's moo much definitely people think some change. 
5. Phone models are really confusing
6. Continuously producing more mobiles with same spec.
7. Low after resale value. 

Conclusion: if Samsung still think they can take rest for sometime, I can assure that they will loose the market soon! (Look at the situation of black berry. Android plan to manufacture their own chipset and they now understand how to deal the market )

If Google create a phone with large display, better poi , battery , and memory card with a headphone jack they it will be a bye bye to samsung. So Samsung should act fast!!!

Solution - 

Should invest more in technology. Stop creating models with identical names. Increase price of premium models with better camera( we need to invest more in camera and chipset) create something innovative. I can promise, folding displays are not an impressive one. It will waste your time and money.