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Samsung One UI 4.1 Update Features List

(Topic created on: 05-16-2022 02:53 AM)
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One UI 4.1 is a modest update that improves upon One UI 4.0 by adding some new features and improving the existing ones. Here are some of the best One UI 4.1 features and improvements that you can find on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

  1. RAM Plus Improvements
  2. Improved Material You Colour Palette Picker
  3. Smart Widgets
  4. Camera Enhancements
  5. New Editing Tools
  6. Advanced Audio Balance Controls
  7. Google Duo Live Sharing
  8. Samsung Keyboard With Grammarly Integration
  9. Ringtone Synchronized Vibration
  10. Extra Screen Brightness
  11. Improved Photo Sharing Experience
  12. Improved Quick Share
  13. Smart Calendar
  14. Improved AR Emoji
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However, feature 9 and 10 are almost exclusive to S22Ultra only. S21Ultra doesn't have this.
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