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Hi everyone, 

I have mentioned in my previous post that I have been using Samsung Members app since 2014, it's one among the most used apps in my device, I my point of view, this community is the best place to share your ideas, tips and tricks, photos clicked with your galaxy device and your doubts about your devices. 

I have two suggestions to the users. 

1. If you have some doubts or issues about the device, before posting it, just search if anybody posted a similar issue and whether it's answered. If yes, check whether the solution works for you. If not, post your issue in the community. 

2. If you got a solution for your query from the community, kindly mark your query as solved. You can do it by clicking on the most appropriate reply and select accept solution. This way you can help others with similar issue to easily find the fix. 
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Thanks for sharing this, Ambassador!

It's been great having you a part of the team 💙

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Yes, excellent advice Ambassador !
Also, if marked as solution, it'll appear well in the google search results too (with a "solved" title), so that even other android users worldwide and those out of the community gets the solution.
Thanks for the update brother.
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