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Samsung UK ask me to put my deep suggestion on Samsung Community. Ok let's discuss!

Hi, Samsung. I am your flagship smartphone costumer since 2017. Let me give you suggestions for your next flagship smartphone generation for better improvement.

It's very simple, but it has a big big influencer to the mostly smartphone costumer value in long terms.

1. Please provide better HDR experience. Don't sacrifice the HDR processsing for sharper image because HDR is very important. It's seen on S20 compare to S10. Because mostly people share their pictures on social media and of course it will be converted. Sharper image on software processing is much better.
2. Fix highlight clipping on the sky.
3. Keep consistency balance picture not underexposed or too bright in every shoot. It will sacrifice the HDR.

1. Again, please... Better HDR result without HDR10 plus activated. When it direct to the sunlight, it sacrifice the ground but when It is in low light very poor on highlight control.
2. Don't make it so contrast and underexposed when switching on ultrawide angle.
3. Zooming in and out should be smoother especially between wide and ultrawide camera. The problem might be, it is not allow to take a flash on ultrawide angle.
4. Provide 60fps and 120fps on all cameras and supported by EIS it better and usefull than 8K 24fps (only?) which is not support by EIS. That is real gimmick. Use software control like your rival has done for longtime example : shooting on 4K60fps but it is actually shooting on 4K120fps. And... again mostly people still share their video on social media and everybody else is still watching on their smartphone. 😅
5. Features: 60fps hyperlapse, 60fps on supersteady mode, 60 fps before and after slowmotion and superslowmotion recording and keep steady.
6. Now, you can see how important the front facing camera during pandemic! In every device which have it, of course.

☆ Design
OMG, other people cannot make a different between A and S series. What do you think if you have flagship phone but it look like mid-range phone. 😔

Why don't you put all the Samsung Apps on Galaxy Store? No more in Playstore.

Yap... no doubt. You must fix it on exynoss variants soon. A lot of your costumer complain. And I am worry your partnership with ARM and AMD could even compete with the Dragon or even 2 years old Bionic chip if you are still running on android.

☆ No Android!
If you have a will to bring your TizenOS on your all devices, the market might be yours. Smartphone industry is getting low profit Year by Year. But the fact your rival still could get huge profit every year. And now become the first $2 trillions dollar company. Don't you wonder why people keep buying it? while they are so expensive? You might learn from it. It might be power of OS! They made integrate in every hardware innovation.

They are so good of software optimizaton!, that will give big-big influence every smartphone function such as camera, 120Hz screen, gaming! And more. And your rival has jump to the Internet of Thing and their target now is subscription bundles.
I told you don't be late. Hopefully you might consider it.

Stay the King! 🤴 🙏

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