Beginner Level 2
It is a beast....with fully loaded facilities which are bound to come in handy one day surely and that day will be the day you realize that u have made an investment buying this phone...

          It is a useful tool if you love doing sketches and not only that I used it too many times for selfies as it has bluetooth feature which acts as selfie button.Pen art app lets you use the s pen to the fullest and drive out the artist in you.

             The battery is good actually....with all the stuff inside the phone the battery seems to handle it pretty well...and with fast charging you don't need to worry about the battery problems....

              My experience with the camera has been awesome till date...i still flaunt my pics infront of people and the only comment i get is the pic looks good because of the camera....and with the updates its getting better.I recorded my whole family function with my phone in 4k and everyone praised the quality and clarity it produced.

              All games including pubg have never been played better before....they run smoothly and that too in the maximum quality or fps....the screen being large gives me a great experience.

              128gb of storage is well sufficient for me....i downloaded many tv series and movies and still didn't get my storage full.

Split screen and pop-up view
                                                   These both features help me a lot where i have to copy and paste some stuff....like i can just pop up a pic and then enter the info on the page required by see the pop up view

I can just go on and on about this phone and its features but its nothing unless you experience it with yourself. My family has switched to Samsung and they all love its features as they are having quitely amazing experience with it