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My journey as a Samsung Members Star 🌟

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My Journey as Samsung Members Star (Members Brand Ambassador Earlier) started in December 2018 , it was very honored moment for me as I was only one in Uttar Pradesh that time.

The very First event I attended was the launch of M series where I even got M20 n that was very lucky moment as it was my first ever special event where i met Technical Guruji and Asim warsi Sir ( Senior vice president of Samsung India) (2019).


Then again in February 2019 i attended my second event as a BA was A series launch where i was a winner πŸ† in a competion and the prize was a brand new Galaxy A50.

In March 2019, I attended Galaxy S10 event where we had a very immersive experience, met lot of new friends and DJ koh Sir.


Then after we had lots of activities and events , which is unforgettable but then the covid arrived and there also Samsung never stopped , introduced a mini stage where we can get to enjoy the launch event in a new way that was really new and was fun too.

In April 2022, I got Galaxy watch 5 pro which was awarded for the hard work done in the Galaxy unpacked event.

Thank you so much @Samsung to make our journey so great n will always love to be a part of Samung... Special thanks to the Coordinators amd friends who always supports us and treat us like a family❀️

'The Journey is still on and the hard work will never stop'.
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Lovely to see a Star with these personalities who are the top notch in their domains. Well deserved! Well placed.