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Hay guys Whatsup!! This is jeet your technical friend. Yuppp!! I know Its too early in the morning for this post but what to do can't holdup my emotions, Anyways guys today's topic gonna be totally different than the others which usually we were discussing, because it is all about Samsungs reputation and their commitment towards their customers. 
Guys today I chatted with one of their respective customer service Executives Mr.Hossam and he was so humble and helpful while we were discussing about the regional software updates and many more bug fixing issues for Kuwait regions, best part is that when he said that he took all my opinions as a suggestion for their future betterment and he also said that If I need any help reading anything else I should not refrain to contact them.

Thank you samsung and specially thaking you Mr. Hossam, again your this small effort brought me back on track and helped me to regain my confidence purchasing Samsungs stuffs.

This Is Jeet Signingoff 
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Thanks for sharing your experience! It is highly appreciated.