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Meet the latest Galaxy inspired webtoon ‘Sarah, I’m Sorry’

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Hello everyone,


I brought you guys with amazing collab news!


The latest Galaxy-inspired webtoon is dropped, as known as ‘ Sarah, I’m Sorry.’


Originally ‘Sarah, I’m Sorry’ is a mix of fantasy, healing, and struggling unfolded by Gong Hyochan , a son who trades his life with a grim reaper for his dying mother, Yeon Geumok


‘Sarah, I’m Sorry’ will be posted for eight weeks!

Harry and Sarah couldn’t be lovers in the original version, but they reunite in the new world!

Let’s see what will happen between them in this version of the story.

Here are two key points that you don’t want to miss out!


I hope you enjoy this webtoon, and don’t forget to give a lot of love and support to Galaxy as well.

Thank you!



<Episode #1>

: It was just an ordinary day for Sarah. Suddenly, fully grown Harry showed up in front of her. Harry kept asking her to go with him to change his phone. Sarah is so confused by the situation she doesn’t remember, and something even more surprising happens to her. Is this happening for real?

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<Episode #2>

: Sarah realized that the world she had longed for a while was finally unfolding. Harry and Olivia shed tears over the joy of reunion. Meanwhile, the fear that this world will end anytime soon rises. She decided to build good memories since she couldn’t waste this precious time.

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<Episode #3>

: Sarah and Harry bumped into Kisung , a college classmate, in the amusement park. Sarah finds out that Kisung and Sally is a total stranger in this world. Sally
has to make things right!

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<Episode #4>

: Sarah decided to invite Kisung and Sally to her home. Sarah realized that she had never cooked for Harry in the original world. Harry misunderstand Sarah’s
intention due to her unusual behaviors.

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<Episode #5>

: Sarah’s unusual behavior misled Harry. Worried Harry suggests Sarah go for a checkup with a special present.

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<Episode #6>

: With the new Galaxy Watch4, Sarah and Harry start a workout challenge. Harry finds out something happened to Sarah.

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<Episode #7>

: Sarah and Harry leave for a beach vacation. Sarah captures every moment with Harry with a camera. Meanwhile, Sarah gets anxious that this world may vanish sometime. 

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<Episode #8>

: The final episode of the long journey! Kisung accidentally bumps into Sally by finding her lost smartphone. Will Kisung and Sally fall in love again? Will Sarah and Harry live happily ever after in this world? 

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It is an amazing comic story made around a galaxy Z fold🤩and I love both of those comic stories ❤👈
This is indeed an amazing story ❤️
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