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Make taking screenshots easier

(Topic created on: 01-16-2023 10:26 AM)
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With Samsung's One UI, which I currently use on my Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, taking screenshots is much more challenging. There are only two ways to accomplish this: 1. By pressing the volume down and power keys. 2. Palm swipe . These two ways are not useful. When I previously used a realme device, there were two options to do so, a quick panel shortcut and a three-finger swipe down method for taking screenshots.

What do you guys think 🤔 should Samsung make this more easy?
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Every manufacturer has their own way, its just that you will get used to it.i would say that samsung way is better, as iam onboard with them for quite a long time😊. you dont have to make any unnecessary swipes to access quick panel and if you prefer that way you can go for edge panel. Three finger swipe down would arguably better than palm swipe and I never use palm swipe other than key combination.
By the way There are several ways to access the option

1. As you mentioned - key combination
2. Palm swipe
3. Voice assistant
4. Edge panel
5. S pen (in compatible devices)

Every OS has their own way, and i am okay with the key combination, because it never get confused and pretty fast in execution.
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Very detailed instructions. Well done Dr.
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