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Keys to Truly Excellent Facebook Marketing

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 02:57 PM)
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So you’ve decided to market your brand on Facebook. Wise choice. No matter what industry you’re in, Facebook marketing really isn’t optional.
Today, neglecting Facebook is like not having a website in the 2000s, or not being in the yellow pages before that. It’s just too popular to ignore.
So since you need to be present on Facebook and wanna buy fans, we want to make sure you make the most of it.



1. Understand your audience

Learn how to talk to people by knowing who you’re talking to. Your Facebook marketing will be far more effective if you know what makes your audience tick.
Thankfully, Facebook (like other social media platforms) gives you the resources you need.


2. Talk with them, not at them

You’re on social media for one simple reason: to build and promote your brand. But that doesn’t mean you can just talk about your products all day. That’s the quickest way possible to turn your audience off.


3. Keep it on-brand

We’ve talked a lot about adjusting your content to suit your audience. If you want your page to succeed, you need to speak to Facebook users.
But what if your number one goal is attracting actual buyers? You want to use social media to find good leads, and eventually to sell. And for some brands, not every Facebook user is a suitable buyer. In fact, most Facebook users are not going to buy your product. Sorry.
So how can you appeal to the right buyers on Facebook?
Keep your content on-brand. It’s your content that attracts the right buyer, as long as you write it that way.


4. Know when to post

To give your content the maximum impact, it pays to deliver it at the right time. Post things when everyone’s asleep, working, or not online, and you’re not going to achieve a whole lot.
So when’s the best time to post? You can either listen to Facebook, or look for more general post best practices.


5. Share great content

It should go without saying that to build a good Facebook audience, you need to give them good content. Nobody’s going to engage with boring, clichéd Facebook posts.
But you also need to a keep a steady stream of great content coming. You want followers to come back to your page daily, find exciting new posts in their feed, and share them as often as possible.