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Samsung Galaxy Buds are the best wireless earphones I've used. They offer tremendously great battery life, about 6-7 hours per charge. It's case is super small and can easily slip into your handbag. As a bonus, it's also sweatproof. The kind of detailed work done on the music output clearly shows in the performance. Every minutest chord,string is clearly audible and crystal clear. Designed to fit perfectly to your ears, and gives a seemless experience while talking on phone as well. Find me feature is another unique aspect loaded with this small mean machine, so need to search your pockets, sofa gaps or workstation clutter, just activate the Find me feature and get back to the groove. When it comes to innovation you can trust Samsung to come out with the best and never seen updates on its gadgets. A must have for all music lovers and the ones who want a complete Off Screen Independence.
My favorite aspect of Galaxy Buds is how comfortable they’ve continued to feel in the last few weeks. I am in love with the product.