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How Samsung Innovation helped me to be more Creative and Productive

(Topic created on: 07-01-2020 01:09 PM)
For me the the most innovative thing is the powerful S-Pen.

I still remember my college days when for the project in the last year, I've signed nearly 40-50 documents with my Note 8's S-Pen.

Not only document signing but also editing the subject and pointing out the mistakes and getting them eradicated with the help of S-Pen.

I love going on Solo Trips and the most annoying thing is not having any to click your pictures. 
My Note 9's S-Pen that is Bluetooth enabled, helped me a lot in taking pictures on my solo trips.

From designing T-Shirts for College Fest to playing cross on my Note Series, S-Pen proved a lot helpful.

It not only enhanced my Creativity but also made me Productive.

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