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Does your TV suffer from screen lag?



You’re playing a game with your friends, but all of a sudden you notice your screen is starting to lag. You’re also sitting too close to the screen, again, because you can’t see anything in the dark. When gaming, technology makes all the difference, so it may be time to level-up. Samsung QLED TVs give you a fully immersive gaming experience. From hardware to software, here’s how your next gaming TV will keep you on your toes.

Clear, vivid images so you don’t miss friend or foe
Disappear into the graphics of your favourite game with true-to-life images that immerse you in the action. With QLED TVs and HDR1500 technology, you can expect a range of lifelike colour and contrast, so you enjoy crisp and clear details, even in dark shadows. But it’s not just about awesome colour. You cansee more of the action at once on the large, slim-bezeled HDR screen, as you pursue your virtual opponents. Plus, the vivid colour and crisp details on your QLED TV mean you won’t overlook anything—or more importantly, anyone.
A TV that keeps up with the game


The sharp, fluid action of the HDR screen on QLED TVs helps to bring out the best of your gaming abilities. Catch subtle, obscure movements, thanks to the incredibly low input lag, which responds in a matter of milliseconds. Then, when you’re ready to test your reflexes, the ultra-fast motion rate shows just how smooth the action can be, without having to sacrifice any detail . With the precise timing necessary to triumph, QLED TV lets you seamlessly transition from the real world into your favourite game.
A convenient connection


Don’t let complicated connections stand between you and the action. The One Connect Box is a clean, straightforward way to hook your console up to your Smart QLED TV. QLED TVs use Auto Detection to recognise connected consoles, so you can simply connect all your consoles to the One Connect Box and you’re good to go. Once the consoles are connected, you can easily control multiple devices with One Remote Control, allowing you toqstart HDR gaming on whichever console you want at the touch of a button.
Experience the game as it was intended.


QLED with HDR provides stunning detail and vibrant colour so you can see every game in incredible clarity. And with new games like Red Dead Redemption 2 offering some of the most sensational settings and jaw-dropping graphics, playing on a QLED TV can enhance your gaming enjoyment like never before. Plus, the gaming features on QLED TVs have been co-developed with Xbox to offer unbeatable gaming performance and an experience like no other.
Enveloping you in a whole new experience
When you’re ready for an adventure, it’s time to game on a QLED TV. Bringing together the highest resolutions (4K and now 8K), HDR, and QLED, the screens immerse you in deep contrast, sharp detail, and seamless connectivity. You can grab that lightning-fast ball, explore hidden worlds, and take down bad guys with your buddies. So for quality gear to take your gaming to the next level, use a TV that’s prepped for battle.