Android OS updates are understandably great. They bring new features and improvements. However, Samsung devices only get two major OS updates, and as we’ve recently discussed, Samsung fans should be more excited about One UI updates over Android OS.

Samsung devices do get security updates for at least three years after launch. This means that users remain protected against vulnerabilities for far longer. Many would prefer that over new functionality in the third year, particularly in this day and age, when the safety and security of the data on our devices are of absolute importance.

Where do you stand? Do you care more about receiving Android OS updates or are you satisfied that at least Samsung is providing security updates for three years? Vote below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


Do you care more about security updates or Android OS updates?

1.I care about both equally.

2.Android OS updates, because of the features.

3.Security updates, because I prefer safety more.

4.I really have no opinion on updates.

I care for both
Security updates are like insurance 😄... I sure as hell would love to never have to use them but I'd rather have them. All it takes is one nasty malware making the rounds and have some hacker steal my credit card or bank info, etc. Makes for a really bad day. As day by day our life's are becoming more digital its always safe to have all those vulnerabilities covered.
Expert Level 3
I care about both equally.