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New Delhi, India: Necessity is the mother of all innovation. Keeping in mind the pandemic and the inability to host physical events, FIP i.e. Federation of Indian Publisher has announced a virtual Delhi Book Fair 2020. The FIP has partnered with pragatiE, an innovative virtual platform for exhibitions, product launches, and events for DBF2020, that will attract a wide array of the audience from all over the country & expanding globally will be held on 30th & 31st October 2020. The federation has tied-up with ITPO to host the Delhi Book Fair every year since 1995 to give publishers a chance to interact directly with their readers. But due to the current global health crisis and the need to maintain social distancing, the federation has decided to go digital for this anticipated event. Considering that the Indian publishing industry has usually never been early adopters of technology, this is surely a commendable move by FIP. This new collaboration will bring audiences a never-seen-before and innovative experience to enjoy their favorite Delhi Book Fair 2020 from the comfort of their homes and offices. As the only Indian publisher’s federation registered with International Publishers Association, Geneva, the federation commands an unmatched reputation in the country. The federation has also partnered with Frontlist as its official media partner. Frontlist is India’s leading digital magazine that brings you news, latest updates, industry stats, etc. from the global publishing world with an Indian perspective. You are invited to take part in this virtual and magnanimous Book Fair that will host an amalgamation of your favorite authors, writers and publishers. Visit your favorite stalls virtually and buy books at the most attractive prices, like you have done every year. This year, you don’t even need to travel. Venue: https://www.pragatie.com/DBF2020/register Date: 30th & 31st October 2020
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Thanks for the update i am looking to promote my books on this Delhi book Fair 2020 Who is the media partner of upcoming Delhi 2020 book fair event and how to register as an exhibitor?