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As a kid, for me Samsung was a giant electronics manufacturer and little did I know that it was rather a conglomerate who started as a small shop in Korea and would later go on to build the Burj Khalifa.

But the awe I had from Samsung happened when I had my hands on the Samsung C100. It was not just my first Samsung experience but for the first time I saw a colouree display. (Yes it was the time when Nokia 3310 rocked the world with its popular Snake game).

Owning the device was no less than a luxury. The design in itself was of superior quality and let me tell that I still have the device in my home town and works pretty well. 

After a break, I realised it was not just the smartphones but also, the amazing TVs they made with their famous  DNIe and DLNA technology.

My family brought home a Samsung Washing machine and exactly the one where they advertised it with team Indian Cricket team, the very same year

And I felt like me and my family had a kind of reliability with the brand as we learnt it was not a Chinese brand for sure.🤣🤣

Coming to smartphones, C100 was followed by
  • Champ
  • Galaxy Y
  • The one with Reliance CDMA set
  • Galaxy Champ 3
  • Wave 525
  • Guru - with the 2 dedicated loud speakers and was advertised using Enrique Iglesias' song "Do You Know" in India 😍
It was a long break and I became the part of Symbian / Lumia bandwagon but when Android and iOS came in, I hopped on to iOS for a short while before going starting on with Android with LG Optimus (World's first smartphone with dual core processor) and it was something I was passed on to by my Sister.

And at the same time I was fighting a battle of choice between the early Android flavour and the Bada powered Corby Pro. And even though they were equally good. But guess, what I still liked the Corby more than than anything.

Corby broke down and worked with LG for a good tme before finally committing to Samsung Galaxy On5. The reasons to buy On5 was the S6 Edge's display and my budget (LOL😛). I was already a fan of Samsung's display. But S6 Edge was simply brilliant.

On5 was a brilliant device, but as a power user I almost used it to more than of it's actual potential. Almost every inch of storage filled every application used, almost inside out. So, I upgraded to On8.

On8 was another masterpiece that year and it had premium features like NFC, AMOLED Display, Smart Capture and Sound Assistant and what not. The device had a neat aluminium finish and the variant i had a Rose Gold colour. Premium isn't it. All this for 14K.

I was happy with the device but out of no where I planned to upgrade to something better and got on to OnNXT or a kin to J7 Prime. Metal body design, gorilla glass 64 GB storage but PLS - TFT (LCD) 🤦‍♂️.

I got accustomed to Non-AMOLED screen after becoming habituated to it AMOLED.  But I felt, I have been drugged with awesome features but couldn't have more of it.


This time it was even more premium (that too for a little price again) -- J7 Pro. This device had everything:
  • AOD
  • FULLY Uni Chassis Metal Body unlike J7 Prime
  • IT HAD Samsung Pay (I think only device in 20K to sport Samsung Pay).
  • NFC
  • f/1.7 aperture camera
  • Dual Band Wifi
  • 14 nm Processor
  • Antenna Bands (Believe me or not this device had the best signal reception, even more than my friend's iPhone 6 or my current A9)
  • 3600 mAh (F*in' huge)
  • Display with 401 PPI desnity
  • And host of premium features in the Advanced Feature section
Mere existence of this device was cheating to flagship owners. But it simply existed, and for budget price. I hardly used for around six months that,


It is an amazing device so far. It had SlowMo as came with S8. All sorts of camera, glass back. Being the first device along with A7 to sport the device design and form factor that is existing today even on S20. It has Bixby too.

I also bought an S7 Edge Pearl Black Edition while searching for Note FE (I am still looking for it to buy. You can comment down below if you have it or if uou know someone has it). I bought it late but again, it was a rare gem.

This is it so far and I am still yearning to own a Note and I hope this year it happens provided Note20 isn't as _________ as S20 family. Below is a bouns picture thay I editted entirely on J7 Pro.


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