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Absolute no care or concern.

(Topic created on: 01-28-2022 10:28 AM)
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In my almost 7 years of running a design studio and spending large amounts on samsung have I been treated as if a problem no on me but by 4 fully trained Samsung support staff who gave misinformation that had caused such damage which could be solved in a instant and at literally no cost to Samsung is of no concern, all they ask is I pay more for a problem they are responsible for, I am beyond shocked and stunned by how a large tech company can show such an uncaring attitude with not even a small attempt to resolve this problem that will cost Two of my designers thier jobs, due to a fault not made by them but by Samsung resulting in me losing my biggest client, even when I had explained this to all 4 of the support staff and representatives. I am done with Samsung, ive even been approached by a competitor who offered to assist me if I record myslef taking all my Samsung devices and throw them in the rubbish with a catch phrase, when Samsung is at fault and you need thier help expect to be treated like trash, I think I'm going to take them on that offer, as this is now beyond acceptable, ive tried since the 24th to get some form of support but all they've done is passed me from one department to another and at the end they want me to buy more from them. I'm disgusted and shocked.