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Help protect the entire household with this digital-security game plan.







Keeping your family digitally secure has never been more important .The good news is that establishing protective measures is relatively simple. Start with the big three: passwords, parental controls and app use. By shoring up your defenses both on and offline, you can keep everyone in your family safe and secure.


1. Strengthen your passwords




Security starts with a strong password. Always use a combination of numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters—and use different ones for every account. Keep track of all of them with a password manager, which can keep all your logins and passwords in one place and remind you to change your password regularly. Some apps even suggest strings of letters, symbols and numbers that are near impossible to crack. When using password manager apps, make sure the device itself is well protected. The Galaxy A51 smartphone protected with Samsung Knox comes with securities like app-permission monitoring and at-rest data encryption for added peace of mind.



2. Parental controls are the front line for a family’s digital security.




Screen time, internet access and age-appropriate content are just a few of the many things parents need to monitor. With apps like Boomerang Parental Control,* powered by Knox, parents can screen calls, track movements and monitor texts at a glance. Take an active role in approving the apps they download and keep an eye on screen time. Above all , supplement online parental controls with real face-to-face conversations to navigate the internet together.



3. Protecting your kids means watching out for phishing




Safeguard your children and their devices from malicious content. When phishers lift sensitive personal information from an app, game or website your child visits through phishing, it could have disastrous effects. Brush up on protection protocols for the tablets and phones that your kids use. In addition to exercising parental controls, talk to your kids about staying safe on the internet and have those conversations frequently.







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