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Waiting for M Series Jaipur meetup.Its really gonna be awesome.M series is truely made for Indian market.Main leaks about M Series:Battery: 5000mahScreensize: 6.2 inch onwardsScreentype: Amoled in top end model

jal mahal jaipur

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Jal Mahal is another interesting place that you should visit it is near Amber and it is a very beautiful place Jal Mahal is located in middle of the river!

samsung galaxy j7 prime 2 2019 update

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after the update of oreo in our device we all users of samsung galaxy j7 prime 2 users are hoping for the update of android p update in our device.Is it possible to accomplish our hope or our hope shall be only our hope.😅😅

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choki dhani, jaipur!

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Hello everyone. It was an amazing experience, choki dhani is amazing where you will get a chance to experience the rich old culture of Rajasthan! If you are planning to visit jaipur, it is a must visit place.

Makar Sakranti

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It was great and beautiful day on 14th, The sky was full of kites in the morning and afternoon. But The most beautiful part of the day was night time when the lanterns covered whole of the night sky.

String Awareness

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As its the season of kites, People driving bikes or scooteys are being hurt while riding.Even after official bann to Chinese Strings, People are using it lots or people and birds even are getting affected.Precautions:Have a muffler around your neck.D...


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TestTestTestGgfertj😄😍🤣😅😆😂🤔😗😎😁😘😃LITHIUM.OoyalaPlayer.addVideo('https:\/\/\/static\/v4\/production\/', 'lia-vid-RrdDZjaDE6qgzkApO89H-zzUpuQQQzjZw320h240r629', 'RrdDZjaDE6qgzkApO89H-zzUpuQQQzjZ', {"pcode":"M3c20yOlc357mzwD2E...