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samsung owned app reads all our data without our permission and do not give aythority to remove or disable the app (google app are possible, but samsung owned app are a big concern) and also do not allow us to remove permission used and its mandatorily been take  on its own - safety and privacy issue

first of all its my interest either i am interesred to use samsung owned app or not or else to disable or not give any permission

samsung owned app have privacy issues here

galaxy store updates non samsung owned app without our permission - safety concern as we use google play store for the same 

bixby routines - without our permission the app uses call logs, contacts, location, sms, storage permission is been used without our permission

bixby voice - all above permissions plus microphone been used - unable to disable or remove app or else disable permission too

customised services/content suggestions - all above permission plus calender, physical activity been used - unable to disable or remove app or else disable permission too

samsung cloud - all above permission been used without our permission - either we cannot disable or else remove permission

samsung pass - uses phone app permission and also when ever we use any online transaction samaung pass comes up with a message box to save password or not - its a major concern

samsung pay framework - uses location, phone, storage without our permission - either we cannot disable app or remove permission. we cannot delete data stored on the app

samsung visit in - uses location and phone without our permission ans its a concern of privacy

Finally its time to understand either we use samsung or else completely move out of its interface

From samgung galaxy grand - mega , m10 and beyond we are lossing the trust and faith now

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Actually this is all part of the privacy policy. If you are so concerned, then you have to move away from Samsung. I think these are for seamless performance. However, I agree with you, user's consent should be explicitly taken for each apps.
md farhan alam bahar
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F62 restart problem........if phone fligh mode ....then not restart then in network in phone then 30 40 mint restart my phone