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Suggestion for Samsung Notes to Devolopers

(Topic created on: 08-04-2021 12:54 AM)
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This is humble request from all my fellow college students using samsung notes as there daily Note Taking App

First and foremost, Thank you so much for developing and maintaining Samsung Notes App amazing job, it made our learning experience interesting 

We as daily users had few suggestion, we hope our voice reaches you
-Hyperlinks (ability to link any page within samsung note to a highlighted word eg: if mitochondria word appears somewhere in my notes we should be able to link the notebook or the page within samsung notes where we had already written detail notes about it.)
-Ability to erase small section of a ''Neat Shape'' drawn shapes
-In Handwriting mode> Pen mode should have a dotted line setting style
-More Font styles

Thank you for your time and consideration
We all are your loyal customers using samsung tablets, app and services please hear our request we all love the freedom and versatility which you provide us through your devices, services and Apps, at a resonable price, and we sincerely want to have this relation passed on and grown 
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Provide feedback to developers, via "ask questions" section of this app then it will reach them.