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Hey guys!

I feel like trapped. 

1) System UI implements icon frames for app icons across One UI Home, Settings, etc. No way to get rid of the white squircle disc. (Hex Installer doesn't support Android 10 completely yet as it leaves a translucent bar in place of navigation bar at the bottom).

2) Opting a 3rd party launcher just for the sake of unseeing the frames in the homescreen level removes Android 10 Gestures.

Is there a way I can come out of this trap? 

I don't want to take the Synergy route (that's too much to do).

Is there an icon pack in Galaxy Theme Store that masks all Google Apps to their frameless icons?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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You have to search..👇

But, again there will be a compatibility issue with some apps icon..

or change theme..it will automatically change default look of icons..