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I Think Samsung Internet Browser Is The Best Browser for Samsung Phones.
It Ui Is Clean With Lots of Feature.Browsing Through This Browser Is Very Pleasant And Smooth.
And With Samsung One Ui integration is Helpfull for One Hand operation.
It gives us Private Mode with password or biometric authentication.
There is Ad block extensions For Block ad.
5 adblock app can be Download For Rrmoving Ad.
Mine is Using Abp ad blocker which remove most of the ads.
but Still some ads showing on some website which is not a big deal breaker.
But If You Want ToTal ad free Experience Use Opera Browser which remove almost all the ads And Comes With Built in Vpn service And Give s u full controll your Pivacy.
But Its not feel so Smooth and pleasing as Samsung internet browser.

Here is The Full CompRision


1)Well Designed Smooth Ui With Some Uniqe extra Feature(You Can Read 6 Tips About Samsung Browser On Samsung members App)
2)Ad Block Extensions
3)Easy For One Hand Usage
4)Bookmark And Quick acces item Cloud Sync Option
5)Biometric and Password Proction For Private Browsing.
Cons:Can't Able To Block Ads From Some Website Which can ruin The Experience.

1)Built in Vpn Service
2)Ad Free Experience
3)Cloud Sync Option For Bookmarks And Quick Access items
4)Ui And Interface is Beautiful(Though I Like Samsung Browser Inter Face Over Opre Browser )
Cons:-Not So Smooth And Well Designed Ui With Some Usefull And Extra Feature Like Samsung Browser.

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