Beginner Level 2
 With Android 10 and One UI 2.0^ there is an option right in the Samsung home to select wallpapers which has a different UI/section (Like the pre S6 days) as opposed to their old One/Experience UI, in which we had to select the wallpaper through the Galaxy themes app.

   So, Samsung has decided to ignore their 1000$, device buyers and make life more miserable by adding increased steps for a simple task which is selecting the wallpaper for their devices.

  Erstwhile steps to select a wallpaper.
Longpress home-screen> Wallpapers> Galaxy Themes opens and right there we had option to select wallpaper.

  New steps for selecting wallpaper after Galaxy Themes update which was made with OneUI 2.0^ in mind

Longpress Home> Wallpapers> Samsung Theme opens up> Go to the Hamburger style drawer in the left>Select "My stuff"> By default it would take you to themes> Swipe right for Wallpapers.

  Why Samsung? Why???

  It is understood that due to an update policy no Android 10 One UI 2.0 update was given to perfectly capable S8s and Note 8. But why make a simple task like choosing the on device wallpapers a huge task? After all last year One Ui was marketed for it's ease of use.