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wifi, bluetooth and usb connect with pc or Laptop not working

(Topic created on: 03-26-2020 07:58 AM)
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Galaxy S

First sim slote stopped working, then after 1 year it started working again automatically, i was happy then few months later my mobile camera flash light started to make problem, when i used to open my camera turn on flash the flash light started to show lines on camera picture, before clicking pic and after clicked picture... but with out flash camera fine, 3rd after few months my S3 bluetooth stopped working not even turn on if turn on doesn't send file but recive files, then after few months my USB connect with laptop stopped working then late after a month my WIFI started making problem, it stopped to be turn on i click but not turn on, then after few days with restart it get turn and work but just for few mins or hours then stops work signals if on 2bars of wifi is then it stay 2 bars when it stops working, when i go away from nearest wifi device or stay closest as possible to nearest wifi device signal 2bar stay same then if i turn off wifi it takes time to close and never can be turn on ....same is with WIFI-hotspot , plz help me fix the problem or tell me where it get fixed or can't even get fixed...Mobile name samsung Galaxy S3 GT-1900 SFR

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Galaxy S
brother i think you should change your phone all problems will be fixed 😀