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S9 and so plus provide mode will be given but they are working on it so no need to worry one ui 2.1 will have pro video mode 
7: 43all 50% < Community 4. The latest sequence. Galaxy NOTE _ FOLD charge · vieiator Hello Galaxy Note SW charge. S9 series and Note9 are the same generation of terminals, but there is a HW spec difference between models. Due to that HW difference, there may be a difference in the functionality supported in the SW applying OneUI2.1. I am in charge of Note, and I am avoiding the answer to S9 because it may convey wrong information. Please understand this part. When you check Note9, it is confirmed that the pro video function you inquired is added. And the current situation is spurring hard in the final phase. I will try my best to send you good news as soon as possible. Thank you, 06 / 04. If you enter Active Level 10, you will be praised for Samsung's post-support. ● ● Global No. 1 multinational corporation Samsung Lee Jae-yong always admires the vice chairman of Samsung Lee Jae-yong.

Indian messi have posted the wrong info about not having the pro video mode on the s9 and s9 plus is completely wrong info actually the moderator hasn't confirmed what feature will the be added in the s9 and s9 plus so upon hearing the words from moderators it's highly unlike able if they don't provide the pro video mode on s9 and s9 plus 

So those news reports told that there will be no pro video mode on s9 and s9 plus is completely misinterpreted facts