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system UI isn't responding, Audio codec issue

(Topic created on: 05-03-2020 04:49 AM)
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I was using phone. And then suddenly Sound system stopped. Loudspeaker, Call receiver, Microphone, Headphone Jack all these thing stop working, only the charging  system is working.  And also mobile is too slow hanging a lot. And it shows System UI isn't responding again and again. And Audio codec not found something like that. When I gets call phone stucks amd hang. Any activity related to speaker and microphone isn't working. Because of that phone says again and again like. "system UI isn't responding"

I tried everything like restating my phone. Reset, Hard reset. Clearing all the cache data from Hard reset mode, also did factory reset. Mobile is up to date, I updated my phonea week ago.
What do i do now?  Help me please.
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ohh😮.. didn't see the second paragraph from second line...
thanks for pointing out...

Sorry my mistake...

yes as you say flash older frimware via smart switch or Odin etc...

or can wait for next update to be issued and not minding the problem and update it....

i have seen other user who had same issue on their phone - updated week ago

i forgot his name... Do you know him@ashwin?
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Dear Samsung Member,


Greetings from Samsung Customer Support!


Kindly follow the below mentioned step to improve the performance of the device:


1. Check device in safe mode: Using Safe Mode on a Samsung phone or tablet allows you to force  the device to run the essential operating system, and disable most 3rd party applications.


Enter safe mode: Press and hold the Power key, when Power off icon appears.>Press and hold the power off icon.

Exist safe mode: Press volume down and power key simultaneously for 5 seconds to restart the device.

Note: If your device functions correctly in Safe Mode, it is most likely that the issue lies with a 3rd party application that can be uninstalled to resolve the problem.

2. Clear cache memory of a particular application: Settings>Apps>Select particular app (e.g. Samsung Internet)>Storage>Clear Cache

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Samsung Members App > Feedback >Error report > Attach log file for any issue)


Thank you for writing to Samsung.


Warm Regards,

Samsung Customer Support