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Galaxy S
Hey samsung I know you want to sell higher gb variant on your phoen and also want to sell your tws
But for this removing sdslot or headphone Jack is not good 
Just see any of your unboxing I saw many people saying that if it has 3.5jack or sd slot it will be first priority 
But I also know nobody is giving 3.5 Jack and sd slot
So it's time to attract more and more people when they use your phone gjve them so good experience that they can't leave you but don't remove sdslot 

And I know you remove 3.5 jack from s21 series so just once just once try to give 3.5 jack on s21FE 
And yes people will give some more money for getting 3.5 jack
And yes don't give earphone in box but at least give 3.5 jack

And if you want to sell more tws than let me give an example 
S21 price 65999 without earphone 
Galaxybuds price 12000

Now inspite giving offline offer that buy s21 at 72000 and in just 1k extra and get 12000 earbuds in 1000
Just give it in box that 65999 without earbuds and 71000 with earbuds 
So if you give tws in box so people will think that you still don't remove it from box take your price in earbuds include price in phone

And just one time just one time try to give 3.5 jack in s21FE AND SEE what people say
And removing charger from box don't make it look like you're dont giving something just make 2 types of box for example 50k s21fe without charger 
And 51k s21fe with charger s ok people can undersatnf you don't give charger so phone is also cheaper