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Samsung what are doing in 2019 onwards, 

from the past year, Samsung is just rage on the removal of every essential feature which has taken the devices looks like Samsung is at the worst Samsung spending their r&d to remove features to features looks like you wanted just to get rid of features basically you want the phone to be less useful less customizable, fewer features packed I have been complaining about too much longer even making memes aren't working on them what's wrong with you Samsung you are removing features back to back from newer devices as well from the older generation the removed features from one UI 

are follows 

1 removed pro mode video recording from s8, s9, note 8 note9 now you are proving this feature back to newer devices excluding this feature to s9, s8 and note 8 and note 9 and now you are not providing it 

2 single tap mode 

3 edge lightning during music player 

4 no tap heart rate rejection at least those phones have heart rate allow them to have that functionality 

5 the hide/ unhide button of the navigation bar


then after one UI 2 

removed feature button grid customization 

motion wallpaper 

then after that soft key edge lock button later provided 

now with Bixby vision removed food feature and flash option although food isn't that necessary but why did you remove the flash in Bixby vision 

Bixby's voice became useless after these hell lots of updates 


arent you ashamed Samsung for removing such great and use full features 


whats wrong with you guys every time removing more and more features even in 2019 onwards you stated to remove hardware  features as well just stop the game of having whatever your game plans are 


now every Samsung devices are expensive I am talking about flagship  neither you are listening to customers as well 

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New Phone kab loge? and konse Company ka???
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i agree with you bro