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same issue in my s8

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-Optimising the full screen colour balance:
Optimise the display colour by adjusting the colour tones to your preference:-
1. On the Settings screen, tap Display → Screen mode → Adaptive display and adjust the colour adjustment bar under White balance.
2. When you drag the colour adjustment bar towards Cool, the blue colour tone will increase.
3. When you drag the bar towards Warm, the red colour tone will increase.


-Screen resolution:-
Change the screen resolution. It is set to FHD+ by default. Higher resolutions make the display more vivid, however they will consume more battery power.
1. On the Settings screen, tap Display → Screen resolution.
2. Select a resolution option and tap Apply.
Some currently running apps may close when you change the resolution.


kindly send us the error log file if issue still persist. Open Samsung member app > send feedback > Error reports > attach log file

Note: For better assistance, please send device log files within 15 minutes of issue occurrence along with the exact issue details.


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