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samsung please don't forget your s7 model users.

(Topic created on: 05-29-2019 10:08 AM)
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It was one of the  first most advanced phones in this century which had  got everything right and we were all so excited to have it. And still happy to use it. But going further "i" if not all users do feel worried and  restless cuz of the rising  securiry threats in many forms and us being ignored of even security patch updates. Some of us dont wanna switch to other devices cuz we feel this phone is right mix of everything so perfectly. Please remember us give more updates. At least the security patches for some feel good if not the entire software. 
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with time your device will keep getting updates that needed but you there are so many new devices it will take time to release updates for older devices so be patient or buy a new galaxy device to enjoy the latest benefits