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s20 plus green vertical lines problem

(Topic created on: 09-27-2022 12:46 PM)
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when we can replace free of charge our s20 plus displays in sri lanka? 
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Hi... sorry to say this, as far I know user has to bear the cost if the device is out of warranty even if it's a manufacturing issue and ur looking to replace it from a Samsung service center. Contact a Samsung service center near to you for more details.
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Me dawas wala cost eka wadi wei please contact samsung service canter near to you for more details
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This is a common hardware problem. I would suggest you go to any service centre to replace your phone screen. Unfortunately, you must pay for the replacement. Because it's a manufacturing default.

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Unfortunately ,I have same issues in my s20plus. I already replaced first display in warrenty period and after 12 month have another vertical line i think its hardware problem. Samsung display like a white elephant .
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Samsung in India offers it for free.
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I got the line today...really desipointed 💔