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Samsung Galaxy S10 - Gaming

Despite a recent influx of "gaming phones" like the Asus ROG phone and Razer Phone 2, most gamers will be perfectly happy with a phone like the S10. While it's missing out on a slew of gaming-centric features that Razer and Asus offer, it's still perfectly capable of playing anything you throw at it. That won’t surprise anyone who’s read its laundry list of specs. It’s powered by a Qualcomm 855 CPU with 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of onboard storage by default. (The S10 storage is also expandable storage with microSD.)


The S10+ is fitted with a vapor-chamber cooling system, but the S10 only has a heat pipe cooling system. Playing games does get the phone pretty warm. After about 20 minutes, the phone was hot and games suffered from occasional frame rate dips. But those dips were infrequent, and during longer stretches neither the temperature or frame rate were an issue.

Also, whereas the curved screen is great for everyday use, it's not ideal for gaming. That’s because many games I tested (Need for Speeds: No Limits, Fortnite, and a few more landscape-oriented games) use the top– and bottom-most corners for icons. These are just a little more troublesome to hit reliably on a curved screen.

I was able to drain 10 percent of the battery in 20 minutes of intense gaming. That might not sound great, but it means you’ve likely got nearly three and a half hours on uninterrupted game time—and most games won’t be as taxing as the ones I put it through. When provided with the option, I locked games to their highest settings.

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yes also amazing in gaming experience