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one UI 5 update

(Topic created on: 02-19-2023 12:52 AM)
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s20 plus 5G is no coming one UI 5 software update ?
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Yes i think So
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You will be getting it at some point and it will be the last major OS upgrade for ur phone.

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According to Samsung's official article,
They give One UI 5.1 for The devices after S10 Series As You own one of the legendary Phones of Samsung You may receive the update Soon. That's a good thing to be delayed so You won't get into trouble with bugs,

Also As I Know they have to optimise The UI update for each eligible device to give it the best experience.

I have a Question what colour is you're S20+ I would like to know if it is possible a picture of the phone I have an album With whole different types of Samsung devices and real-life pictures of them. 😀

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