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lets hope next update

(Topic created on: 07-29-2020 08:29 PM)
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samsung please fix theses staff if yoy are listening:
1.exynos cpu  performance so bad and heets.
2  battery draining in standy mode and while using so fast .
3.camera still some blurr one side .also auto focus need to be focusing fast  and 8k video recording stabilisation are bad like old school recording style. 
advice to samsung no more exynos cpu please face the fact and use snapdragon.  
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Let's hope Samsung can address those issues with the upcoming updates.
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I believe you are using S20 Ultra,

unfortunately the overheating is the because of exynos chipset and the problem of its throttling, as for the camera auto focus, it's a hardware issue that cant be fixed completely with a software update.

yes software update will improve the focusing issue however it will be a limited improvement, since they are not using thier laser auto focus system that we all loved in the last few years.

Note 20 ultra will use Laser Autofocus again with hopefully an optimized exynos chipset
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why can't we have Snapdragon chip 😫