Active Level 4
Galaxy S
Stability: Good
 Version- 7
Features: -
(A)Fixed black screen for some exynos         devices
(B) Removed slowmo -
(C) Flash is still not working for some reason. I need more time to look into this.
*Download Link:-* | Mirror

*AR Stickers for Oreo*
 Steps: - Install AR Core first
- If you can't download from playstore download from here
-Then AR Stickers
-Force close Gcam and re-open it! 
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Why the app is not installing?
A: Make sure you uninstall first the previous version
 Q: Why i'm getting "parsing error" or errors when i try to install the apk?
A: Download the apk with the browser and NOT with the Drive app or use mirror links.
 Q: Why i have still pink potrait mode?
A: Follow the Install instructions.
Q: Why slow-motion/ 60fps (or whatever you want)
 A: Because i don't see the point of doing videos with Google Camera Ports beacuse Samsung camera it's doing a good job on that. This doesn't mean i wont fix them either.
 Q: On the device XYZ the app is not working. A: I only support S8/S8 . I know on other Exynos devices it works (N8,S7,S6) so maybe i can take a look for them.



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