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every Galaxy S23 Ultra sensor and mystery ISOCELL

(Topic created on: 01-23-2023 11:12 PM)
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New leak reveals every Galaxy S23 Ultra sensor and mystery ISOCELL

We all know by now that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will boast Samsung’s new ISOCELL HP2 200MP sensor as its primary unit. But what’s more is that Samsung appears to have changed almost every camera sensor for its upcoming flagship, save for two.

According to a new screenshot from a hardware ID app detailing Galaxy S23 Ultra specifications, Samsung has changed all the camera sensors except for the 10MP 3x and 10x telephoto units, which are still Sony IMX754 sensors.

The screenshot reconfirms that the Galaxy S23 Ultra sports the ISOCELL HP2 sensor, upgraded from the ISOCELL HM3. But furthermore, it also reveals that the 12MP ultra-wide sensor is a Sony IMX564 rather than an IMX563. The IMX564 sensor appears to be new, so detailed specs are missing.

New ISOCELL sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera?
In addition to the rear-facing cameras, the screenshot also reconfirms a downgrade (in terms of total megapixels) for the Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera — but also a new mysterious ISOCELL sensor.

Firstly, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 40MP ISOCELL GH1 sensor for the selfie camera, the Galaxy S23 Ultra seems to use a 12MP ISOCELL 3LU sensor. This moniker has yet to be officially announced (or leaked), so either the app got this detail wrong, or Samsung has developed a new 12MP ISOCELL (3LU) sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which the company has yet to announce.

We’ll find out more on February 1 at Unpacked, if not before then, so stay tuned. So far, the leaks pertaining to the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera system indicate that the upcoming flagship will surpass the Galaxy S22 Ultra in most, if not all areas. And in particular, it should perform incredibly in low-light photography. But whether the 12MP front-facing sensor will take better selfies than the 40MP unit from last year remains to be determined.

 Samsung will announce the Galaxy S23 Ultra next week, and the phone should become available for pre-order on the same day. Prospective buyers can already reserve the flagship online and earn $50 in Samsung Credit.