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Galaxy S
what a disappointment to move from iphone to Samsung galaxy s8, i regret that, I was a Samsung user 5 years ago then switched to iPhone cuz its more stable more convenient battery is way better than Samsung phones, after the keynote of iphone 2017 when they revealed the i phone 8 , i decided to go back to Samsung after a friend who convinced me to switch to galaxy s8, it looked cool and the screen is nice , but it's full of issues and bugs, battery is horrible sometimes it stays 10 hours sometimes 2 hours, fast charging but faster draining , it's always hot when i use any app, crashes minimum twice a day , mobile data is not stable sometimes it stays of even if I restart the phone many times like now i had to write this review from my office cuz i don't have internet on my smartphone, am selling this phone but i don't know how cuz am not convinced about it so am gonna go back to iphone with full respect to them and less respect to Samsung, cuz I think they failed again to make me use their phones and my friends and family of course, i waited until you revealed the S9 but same issues are there so it's pointless to stay a Samsung user.

thanks for the experience and never again