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Posted by      in  Galaxy S

دنیا پانے کے لئے تم سمندروں سے لڑ جاتے ہو اور جب خیر کا حکم ہو تو کہتے ہو۔۔اگر اللہ نے توفیق دی ابن الجوزی View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

I would like to suggest an improvement to the Snapchat zoom lens feature. Currently, when zooming in, the lens shakes excessively, making it difficult... View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

I have replaced my s20 plus battery but it still showing its battery life weak View Post

Posted by      in  Galaxy S

Hy guys,Is there any app by samsung or any third party app that can boost internet speed or can help to focus on just one app.If there is any app... View Post