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About receiving Android Q update

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Hi team Samsung! I would like to know when to upgrade my device to latest android version. And also I would like to know the FM Radio also will activate on my device through the android system update.P S. My device is Galaxy s9

Posted by: Dulan91
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update issue

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I have a galaxy s9 device and i don't get any android updatesI compare my security patch level and software versions with other s9 phones, so i have the oldest version.Anyone know how to resolve this.I tried system reset and cache clear but nothing w...

Posted by: nozzz
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One Handhanded Operation+

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Get a early glimpse and use the Back features coming to Android 10. By Using the Samsung made, One Handed Operation +Download it to your Galaxy using,Play Store St...

Posted by: M1L1NDA
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Samsung Dex

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Samsung s10 series doesn't connect with Samsung DeX application windows 10? Why???๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

A Dual SIM issue

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Im using my phone as simgle sim phone since I bought it last year april till this year may. But due to work requirements I have to start using office sim. After putting office sim as a secondary sim it worked perfectly for pew weeks. Then it start tr...

Posted by: asithc
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I am getting too many adds. Can anyone tell me why & how to block popping these adds. Making me crazy.