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S9+ Yellow Tint after Q update.

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When I was in Android 8.1, I had the Black Crush issue! Then Updated the device to Android 10 which solved it! But then there came a yellow tint! Worse than the black crush issue! But it comes and goes! Doesn't stay for long, which is a relief but st...

Fast Battery Draining

Posted in: Galaxy S

My S20 + Exynos version.. Screen on time has been reduced to avg of 4 Hours.... This is really disappointing. It's also drinking to much of battery in stand by mode too.

Posted by: Harii1
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S9 plus display blinks

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I use S9 plus, all of a sudden my phone has got the horizontal lines. When ever I try to adjust the brightness, the line starts to blink. Also the entire screen looks yellowish. Any help ?

Posted by: Roam
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My display lost its colours!!

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My Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is suffering from a display issue. It lost its colours. There were no physical damages happen to my phone. It suddenly changed this way. Do you also have this same kind of problem with your displays??

Galaxy S20

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Is there the curved edge display still available in Galaxy S20 phone or the display is flat?

Posted by: Srir
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Happy Wesak!

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โ€œNo other refuge do I seek, Buddha is my Matchless Refuge. By might of truth in these my words, May joyous victory be mineโ€

Green tint issue

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My phone has that green tint issue. The grey areas seems to be more greener and the colours are messed up. Do you have the same issue?Btw I'm using Galaxy Note 9