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Dead pixel

Posted in: Galaxy S

bought a galaxy s7 edge 2 months ago and now spotted the dead pixel on the top left edge side, went to the service, they said they will not replace the phone and only replace the display, but the question is, is my phone still gonna be water resistan...

مشكله التوقف فى s7

Posted in: Galaxy S

لماذا بصفه دائمه يتوقف الجهاز عندما استخدم مكالمات الواتس اب وايضا يوجد مشكله عند اجراء مكالمه فى برنامج الفايبر فالمكرفون الخاص بالجهاز يتعطل ولابد ان اعمل اعادة تشغيل للجهاز

Posted by: daghma
Beginner Level 2

Transfer from Android 2.3.5 to SGS7

Posted in: Galaxy S

Can anybody advice on painless way to transfer all my stuff (contacts, messages, apps, etc.) from an old smartphone running Android 2.3.5 (namely HTC Desire S) to Samsung Galaxy S7? Smart Switch from Samsung does not support android devices earlier t...

S7 Pedometer

Posted in: Galaxy S

I'm relying on the S7 pedometer tracking information to ensure I complete the recommended 10,000 steps per day as I am trying to loose weight. I feel as though the tracking is off and does not accurately track my steps, my overall step count is highe...

Posted by: dee2
Beginner Level 2

Random notification sound?

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi. Sometimes my mobile phone plays the notification sound but there's no actual notification from any app be it messages, mail whatsoever. There's nothing, it just play the sound. Any idea why?Galaxy s7 edge

Posted by: NekyiaX
Active Level 1

Always on Display/ Power save battery

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi,I was wanting to know if it is possible to have both activated the always on Display and power save battery.because when I activate my power save battery mode the Always on Display stops working automatically.Also is it good to use the S7 Phone on...

Posted by: Jani1
Beginner Level 2