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fast connection

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I've just updated my phone. and it showed me the possibility to connect my phone to any Bluetooth device nearby. since my phone is in Italian the name translated of this feature was 'fast connection' do you know where I can find it on the device?I lo...

Posted by: Desy93
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Abu. dahbi

Posted in: Galaxy S

بعد التحديث الجهاز لا ينقل الصور والفيديو إلى التلفاز عبر wifi ؟؟؟؟؟؟ هل من الحل

Posted by: sarah00
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problem with Peel remot

Posted in: Galaxy S

why I don't have the Peel remote control..and when I want to download it from the market it says you can't because this program not compatible with York phone phone version is 6.01 !!any Help ?!!

Posted by: nora
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s7 edge fingerprint

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how to use fingerprint to wake up s7 edge? i have to press home key to use fingerprint unlock. how to go directly to homescreen with finger touch without pressing home key

Posted by: Aps1
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when i formatted my new 128 sd card from the phone then i encrypted it... 1- Apps when moved to sd card then you restart the phone they will all disappear2- when i connected it to my PC it did not show me any safe remove option so after i stopped usi...

Posted by: Ashiou
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second day from buying s7 edge i got this maleware in my device and websites keep opening randomly .. it is getting very annoying now after 1month of using the device how can i end this .. please help .. as i did download anti maleware from app store...


Posted in: Galaxy S

I am unable to record video and take photos simultaneously as used to do in previous Samsung models. Can anyone tell me about this. Thanks

Posted by: Gazdar1
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