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My screen has been yellow as if I turned on my blue light filter since the software update in May. My backlight also started malfunctioning since that update. I had to wait for 1 minute for my screen to be white (the normal color) and for my backlight to lit up. These two issues had gotten worse by the day the entire month of May to June, that by the end of June, I had to wait 5 minutes or more for my backlight to lit up and for the yellow screen to turn to white again. 

I updated my software last June 27. That resolved my backlight issue, but sometimes I have to maximize the brightness so I can see what's on my screen. I did not have that option back in May up to the latter part of June.

My screen is a different story since the June 27 update. It is now yellow AT ALL TIMES. Before I updated my software on June 27, I just put my phone to sleep and wait 5 minutes or more for the screen to be white again. But now, it only turns white after many minutes of being put to sleep. How long? I can't tell exactly, maybe 15 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes. I hope Samsung will fix this issue soon.
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Hi, please check after wiping your cache partition.
(Switch off your phone. Press and hold, power button, Bixby button(if you have it) and volume-up button for 4-5 seconds till the phone turn on and boot into the recovery mode.
Use volume keys to navigate to 'wipe cache partition.' Use power key to select and confirm. Then reboot your device. Normally, this will not effect any personal data or settings.)